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Demonstrate the 4 Reasons a Top B-School Should Accept You

Do you know the 4 goals of an MBA application? Do you want to get into a top MBA program? (Silly question: Of course you do. You wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t.) Make sure your application fulfills each of these goals, and you’ll be much better positioned to gain the acceptance you deserve. In your application you need to demonstrate that you: 1. Can do the work. You’ll normally accomplish this goal with your undergrad transcript and your test scores, which should ideally be at or above averages. However, averages are what they are because people get accepted with below average numbers. A high test score (at or above 80%) can mitigate low grades. A high GPA might offset a low test score. The nature of your experience demonstrates smarts. Finally, LORs can also help show that you can handle the work. 2. Know WHY you want this MBA and HOW you intend on using it. What are your goals? Given your past experiences (professional and non-professional) PLUS an MBA from your target b-school, will you be able to achieve your objectives? 3. Have what the school seeks qualitatively. This is more than just being able to do the work. What is the school’s mission? The school’s values? The school’s strengths? You need to prove that their mission is your mission as well. 4. Will contribute distinctively to the classroom and to the community. When have you made a difference in the past? What distinctive and valuable experiences have you had? How will you make an impact? What special perspective will you bring to the class? ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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Main Themes Of Individualism In Queenies Girl Femininity

A group of teenage girls in bathing suits walk into a grocery store, making the customers heads turn but drawing the admiration of the young men working the cash registers. The older manager confronts he girls and tells them that they should be properly dressed when they enter any store especially their store and that in the future, they will have to follow the stores policy and â€Å"cover themselves†. The story is told from the first person point of view of Sammy. From the beginning, In walks, these three girls in nothing but bathing suits In my opinion, the main theme of this short story is individualism. It is a story about what happens when people try to do their own thing rather than doing what society expects them to do. In this†¦show more content†¦the mother recreates in her daughter the raw kind of discrimination against females that the mother has experienced first hand, whats even worse Its a woman tearing another developing woman down. Kincaids story Girl allows readers a glimpse into the strict, demanding manner in which parents reared their children for decades and still do today. The relationship between the mother and the girl also reeks of empowerment and distance, as best seen through the girls short-lived speech in the story. Most importantly, Girl shows readers how particular the lessons taught to the children two decades ago were. This story relates to feminist perspectives. The mother in Girl expects a a lot from of her daughter, and she does not hesitate to let her know. In each of the stories the characters each accentuate the author story, each involve young women. Understanding each character is important because it shows you why they do what they do, it gives reason to each center of the story. So each character becomes the main point of the story. The girls in both AP and Girl supposed to seem innocent, and seem to rebell towards society. In society both stories take place in different points in time. In â€Å"Girl† are based in the Caribbean but Queenie seems to be upper class in Boston. These different times could be contributed to the characters actions. In the story there will always be

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The Neuter Gender in Spanish

Él and ella. Nosotros and nosotras. El and la. Un and una. El profesor and la profesora. In Spanish, everything is either masculine or feminine, right? Not quite. True, Spanish isnt like German, where in terms of gender nouns fall into three classifications (masculine, feminine, and neuter). Indeed, in Spanish, nouns are either masculine or feminine. But Spanish does have use for the neuter form, which can come in handy when referring to concepts or ideas. The thing to keep in mind about Spanishs neuter form is that it is never used to refer to known objects or people, and there are no neuter nouns or descriptive adjectives. Here, then, are the cases where youll see the neuter used: Lo as the Neuter Definite Article Chances are that youre familiar with el and la, which usually are translated as the in English. Those words are known as definite articles because they refer to definite things or people (el libro, for example, refers to a specific book). Spanish also has a neuter definite article, lo, but you cant use it before a noun like you do el or la because there are no neuter nouns. Instead, lo is used before singular adjectives (and sometimes possessive pronouns) when they function as nouns, usually referring to a concept or category, not to a single concrete object or a person. If youre translating into English, there is no one way in which lo is always translated; youll usually need to supply a noun, the choice of which depends on the context. In most cases, what is is a possible translation for lo. A sample sentence should help make this easier to understand: Lo importante es amar. Here importante is the adjective (generally in the masculine singular when used with lo) functioning as a noun. You could use a variety of English translations: The important thing is to love. What is important is to love. The important aspect is to love. Here are some other sample sentences with possible translations: Lo mejor es el baà ±o. (The best part is the bathroom. The best thing is the bathroom.)Lo nuevo es que estudia. (Whats new is that hes studying. The new thing is that he studies.)Me gusta lo francà ©s. (I like French things. I like what is French.)Le di lo inà ºtil a mi hermana. (I gave the useless stuff to my sister. I gave the useless items to my sister. I gave what was useless to my sister. Note that you couldnt use lo à ºtil for a specific object that has a name. If were referring to a useless spoon, for example, you could say la inà ºtil  because the word for spoon, cuchara, is feminine.  )Puedes pintar lo tuyo. (You can paint whats yours. You can paint your things.) It is also possible to use lo in this way with some adverbs, but this usage isnt as common as the cases above: Me enojà ³ lo tarde que salià ³. (It angered me how late he left. The lateness of his leaving angered me.) Lo as a Neuter Direct Object Lo is used to represent an idea or concept when it is the direct object of a verb. (This may not look like a neuter use, because lo can also be used as a masculine pronoun.) In such usages, lo is usually translated as it. No lo creo. (I dont believe it.)Lo sà ©. (I know it.)No lo comprendo. (I dont understand it.)No puedo creerlo. (I cant believe it.) In these cases, lo/it doesnt refer to an object, but to a statement that has been made earlier or that is understood. Neuter Demonstrative Pronouns Usually, demonstrative pronouns are used to point at an object: à ©ste (this one), à ©se (that one), and aquà ©l (that one over there). The neuter equivalents (esto, eso, and aquello) are all unaccented, end in -o, and have roughly the same meanings, but as is the case with the direct object lo, they usually refer to an idea or concept rather than an object or person. They can also refer to an unknown object. Here are some examples of its use: No olvides esto. (Dont forget this.)No creo eso. (I dont believe that.0 ¿Quà © es aquello? (What is that over there?) ¿Te gustà ³ eso? (Did you like that?)No me importa esto. (This isnt important to me.) Note that the final two sentences must refer to an event, situation, or process rather than an object with a name. For example, if youre walking in a dark jungle and get a creepy feeling about something that might happen, no me gusta esto would be appropriate. But if youre sampling a hamburger and dont care for it, no me gusta à ©sta would be appropriate (à ©sta is used because the word for hamburger, hamburguesa, is feminine). Ello Ello is the neuter equivalent of à ©l and ella. Its use these days is unusual, and only in literature are you likely to find it used as the subject of a sentence. It usually is translated as it or this. Note that in these examples, ello refers to an unnamed situation rather than a specified thing. Hemos aprendido a vivir con ello. (We have learned to live with it.)Por ello no pudo encontrar la trascendencia que hubiera deseado. (Because of it, he couldnt find the transcendence he had wanted.)

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Cafs Irp How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect the Wellbeing...

HSC assessment 2012 Community and Family Studies Independent research Project â€Å"How does drinking alcohol affect the wellbeing of teenage girls (between the ages of 14-17)† Contents Title Page Contents List of tables and figures Abstract Acknowledgements Introduction Literature Reviews Methodologies Results Analysis and Discussion Summary and Conclusion Bibliography Appendix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-15 16 19-24 25 26 27-28 29-37 List of tables and Figures How old are you? When was the first time you tried alcohol? How often do you drink? What type of drinker are you? If you drink, why do you think is the reason that you drink? Have you ever been put in a dangerous situation involving alcohol? Who do you think†¦show more content†¦According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Many young people are facing the consequences of excessive drinking, at a too early age. Because of this issue, underage drinking is a leading public health problem. Each year, approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking including about 1,900 deaths from motor vehicle crashes, 1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 from suicide, as well as hundreds from other injuries such as falls, burns, and drownings (1–5). The answer and research to this topic is demonstrated by primary and secondary research, primary such as interviews and surveys, secondary such as news articles, internet articles and research fact sheets. Within primary sources, participants were surveyed at random, but knowing their age first so I can conduct surveys to an equal amount of age groups. Information from primary sources is kept anonymous for ethics and for honesty in answers. The effects of girl’s underage drinking are negative and dangerous to a girl’s well-being due to the consequences of underage drinking and the fact that their bodies are more vulnerable to alcohol than boys. Health risks of underage drinking include brain effects, liver effects and growth and endocrine effects which may especially affect teenage girls. Consequences girl’s may face due to underage drinking include, Academic problems, Menstrual problems, Poor overall health, Mental health problems, Accidents,

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Sustainability Is The Continuance Of A Defined Behavior

Sustainability is the continuance of a defined behavior or action with the ability to maintain a balance of what and how that specific behavior is being completed (Business Dictionary, 17). As this definition is general, we can apply it using a qualitative breakdown of its importance to biology and ecology. The importance of sustainability in biology and ecology is to ensure that the relationship in which we utilize our natural resources does not surpass the Earth’s abilities to produce those materials due to our consumption. This is the idea of sustainable development. Per Environmental sustainability; practice global implications, â€Å"we cannot generalize environmental sustainability with the interpretation that we must ensure that we can†¦show more content†¦Moreover, it reveals an acceptance of diversity and reassures that well-being, growth, and cooperation is prevalent among all individuals in a society. â€Å"Environment Sustainability is the rates of renew able resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely† (Environmental Sustainability). Human activities should not interfere with the proper health of the environment. Creating less pollution, minimizing harvesting renewable and nonrenewable sources, avoid damaging ecological features will increase the maintenance and sustainability of the environment.â€Å"Economic Sustainability is the ability of an economy to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely† (Economic Sustainability). GDP (Gross Domestic Product), observing average GDP Per person, and Poverty Threshold are indicators used for observing whether economic sustainability is maintained and strong. Economic Sustainability demonstrates that each person is at least given the minimum level of comfort to live satisfactorily. Due to global warming, the climate of Kiribati has changed dramatically causing the sea levels to rise and a decreas e in the freshwater lenses used for both crops and human consumption. The people of Kiribati including Loane Teitiota have found it difficult to survive due to the changes to the environmental condition. Loane Teitiota was close to becoming the first climate change refugee until he was deported from NewShow MoreRelatedIt Is No Secret That Google Has Been Declared One Of The893 Words   |  4 Pagessecret that Google has been declared one of the best places to work. The public knows it, the competition knows it, and Google employees know it for certain! Job satisfaction levels are through the roof for Google creating longevity and long-term sustainability. In order to maintain the status of being one of the best places to work, Google is very selective about hiring competent employees who contribute to a positive workplace culture. Thus, Google employees are well paid, receive many perks, as wellRead MoreThe National Border Industrialization Program1370 Words   |  6 Pagesbe sold in Mexico without being subject to duty. The Mexican government had its own regulations, within those regulations the maquilas were not allowed to sell completed products in Mexican markets with the risk of losing their registration and continuance of importing goods free of duty. This regulation began to lose its standards in the 1970s. According to Hanson, once the rules weren’t practiced like before its import changed and allowed the use of maquiladoras as part of its Border IndustrializationRead MoreSocial Sustainability : Is An Oxymoron As The Very Definition Of Sustainability?1926 Words   |  8 PagesThomas Wilson Professor Hamer English 2010 26 October 2014 Social sustainability is an oxymoron as the very definition of sustainability is â€Å"Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.†(1) This is most certainly an unattainable goal if we try to achieve this by the above definition. Without the foresight and understanding that any sustainability would require constant change you could define sustainability as insanity. Insanity is to repeat the same actions and expectingRead MoreImplement Anc3952 Words   |  16 PagesAssessment 2 Project 1 Easy question – write a response to the following quote from unlimited sustainable develop solution. Organisation today are begin asked to address an increasingly complex set of environmental issues, as noted in the quote. Sustainability is achieved when we understand the economic environmental and social consequences of our actions and make deliberate choice that allow, all people to lead heathy productive and enjoyable lives. Your response should include a discussion of: Read MoreAddiction And Its Effects On Drug Abuse Essay2065 Words   |  9 Pagescompulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her† (Drug Facts). Codependency disorder and drug addiction often go hand in hand; they feed into each other’s obsessions and unhealthy behaviors. The brains of those afflicted exhibit similar flaws within the prefrontal cortices. There has been speculation whether or not addiction is a disease due to the addicts’ initial decision to abuse a substance. What demands examination is the innerRead MoreAddiction : Decision Or Disease Essay2021 Words   |  9 Pagesdrug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her† (Drug Facts, 2012). Codependency disorder and drug addiction often go hand in hand; they feed into each other’s obsessions and unhealthy behaviors. The brains of those afflicted exhibit simila r flaws within the prefrontal cortices. There has been speculation as to whether or not addiction is a disease due to the addicts’ initial decision to abuse the substance. This paper aims to explore theRead MoreNeutrogenas Leadership: Vision, Mission, Value , and Swot Analyses Alignment with Jnj4783 Words   |  20 Pagesvision paved the way for unbeatable competitive advantage by creating a relationship with Dermatologists. The legacy of Neutrogena originated from the visions of two different men to provide high-quality products; Neutrogena’s core value. The sustainability of the company required modifications to the mission; revising selling strategies to increase â€Å"marketing and research efforts to create a line of safe, mild, premium quality skincare products† (â€Å"Why Neutrogena,† n.d.). The recognition from DermatologistsRead MoreThe Quality Management Theory with an Emphasis on Kaizen and Efqm4130 Words   |  17 Pagesefforts to bring a bout alignment between management and employees. Through the use of experiments, analysis, and inference, the authors made some relevant conclusions important to the early use of kaizen. Primarily, they found that consistency and continuance were two factors necessary for the future impact of kaizen, and determined that providing education, engaging people, and promoting communication was essential to its success. They conclude by stating that kaizen â€Å"offers the potential to launchRead MoreBusiness Ethics Test Questions with Answers Essay22425 Words   |  90 Pagesthe ethics program. c. The board should leave the evaluation of all board policies, procedures, governance structure, and position descriptions to the executives. d. The board need not work with executives to analyze the incentives for ethical behavior. Answer: a 49. Which of the following are additional ethical responsibilities board members should have beyond legal obligations? a. They should maintain closed conversations within the firm. b. They should refrain from providing oversightRead MoreThe Effect Of Organizational Culture And Leadership Style On Staff Commitment Essay9502 Words   |  39 Pagesinvolves the deep beliefs that are the basis for the essence of the culture. Wallach (1983) analyzed culture from a different viewpoint and categorized culture as follows: 1. A bureaucratic culture—this is a stringently organized culture with clearly defined command lines and a hierarchy of accountability and responsibility. Organizations with this culture are systematic in their processes, well-structured and procedural. It is power-oriented; 2. An innovative culture—this is a culture that allows much

To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong Free Essays

Getting married, want to get pregnant, take care for their child†¦ those are the steps of a normal life cycle that everyone should be looking forward to or experiencing. Thus, there should be so much joy to getting pregnancy if a married couple is expecting to have a new member into their family. Although a married couple is not wish to getting pregnancy, a normal sexual activity is still enjoyable for both of them. We will write a custom essay sample on To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the old Chinese society, most of the people were start to having the sexual activity after they were married because there may not know what sexual intercourse is as there are lack of educations. As the technology improved, people may easier to get those related information from the web or others. It might be one of the fact leads people try to experience sexual intercourse before marry and even in underage. In the current Hong Kong society, this is not uncommon that there is an underage pregnancy victim in primary and secondary school.Most of the underage pregnancy victims are not know the right way to handle it. According to Mother’s Choice, there is around 1000 expectant mothers that age fewer than 18 to seek for help in 2008, which was increase 40% from the previous year. As there is a lack of sex education implements in primary and secondary schools, the number of underage pregnancy increases. Literature Review Lack of sex education will leads to a number of negative effect. One of the main effects is underage pregnancy. In 2007, there are 134 people who were give birth and 327 people who did a legal abortion in aged under 18 (DHHK, 2007).In 2008, there are around 1000 expectant mothers that age under 18 to seek for help, which was increase 40% from the previous year (Mother’s Choice, 2008). One of the main reasons that lack of sex education leads to underage pregnancy is the underage does not know the right way to contraception. Nearly thirty percents of people who were know how to use a condom after aged 21 (Zi Teng, 2010). Also, most of the people in Hong Kong do not know the other way to contraception and disease prevention rather than using condom (Zi Teng, 2010). In this case, over eighty percents of people think that it is important for schools to provide sex education for children (CUHK, 2008). Also, over seventy percents of people support to make sex education to be an individual compulsory subject in primary and secondary school (CUHK, 2008). Lack of Sex Education Although Hong Kong government states that they has set up a well organized plan of sex education which will be held in preschool, primary school and secondary school, there still have a large number of cases which is about underage pregnancy.One of the main reason is sex education in Hong Kong is not an individual compulsory subject for all primary and secondary students. There are usually combine with other subjects such as General Studies in primary school, Ethics and Religious Studies in secondary school. The teachers who are teaching those subjects are not well trained on sex education and they may not have enough knowledge for teaching the right attitude of sexual activitie s to their students. Taboo of Sex In the Chinese society, there is always having a taboo of talking about sex. It might be possible for teachers to avoid those topics or just sketchy talk about those topics. According to Cheung Kin-Tai, the chairperson of Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company says that one of their employees was brought a condom to his school for supporting his essay topic ‘My First Time’ while his secondary school life, his teacher was gave him a major demerit. Some of the school realized that there is lack of sex educations, so they will invite some organizations such as The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice, etc. to held a number of sex education talks regularly to their students; however, Prof. Ng Man-Lun, a sex therapist, think that most of the schools are still taboo on sex education and the talks which be held in a school hall will create some barrier for students to learn from the talk, ‘the presenter is having a long distance with students for teaching how to use condom and students may not have a chance to touch it, or even watch it clearly, so how can they learn to use it? ’ Lack of Sex Education OutcomeAs the resources of putting onto sex education is not enough and the education plan was out of dated, it may leads to affect the attitude of students on sexual activities. According to the survey which was be held by Zi Teng and Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company in 2010, it stated that only one third of the interviewees learn what condom is from the school. Also, 27. 4% of the interviewees know how to use condom after aged 21 and some of the interviewees know how to use condom when they are aged 60.Moreover, one of the questions asked the interviewees how to contraception or disease prevention rather than using condom and the answers from the interviewees were including stop sexual intercourse, other activities instead of sexual intercourse such as kiss, masturbation, etc. In addition, a number of interviewees think that using condom is not the right way to show their love to their partner and some of them think using condom while sexual intercourse is showing their distrust to their partner. Suggestion To decrease the number of underage pregnancy, there should have a number of improvements on sex education.In my suggestions, firstly, the Hong Kong government should make sex education as an individual compulsory subject in both primary and secondary school. According to a public survey which conducted by CUHK Social Work Department in 2008, ther e is 70. 1% interviewees support it to be a compulsory course in primary school and secondary school. Also, the Hong Kong government and schools should place more resources on educate teachers about sex educations so it may leads them to give out accurate information and teaching right attitudes to students on this topic.Moreover, schools should cooperate with the related organizations to hold a number of talks in a small group of students which should cover different areas such as contraception, puberty, etc. so students may feel easier to learn from the talks. Finally, educate a child is a cooperation between school and family. In this case, schools should hold some sex education talks to parents so parents can have the ability to educate their child during the family time. How to cite To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong, Papers

Prototype for Sustainable Agricultures

Question: Discuss about the Prototype for Sustainable Agricultures. Answer: Introduction: Managing human resource is an important organisational activity as success of a company depends to a high extent on the skills and abilities of the recruited human resource. However, as pointed out by Bal Dorenbosch (2015), only recruiting skilled human resource is not enough. Encouraging and recognising them is also an essential activity for a well improved organisational culture. This essay therefore focuses on understanding the recognition scheme of McDonald. Further, it focuses on analysing and interpreting theories that underpin the recognition scheme. The applicability of this recognition scheme in a non for profit organisation is also taken into consideration for analysis. Critical analysis on McDonalds recognition scheme and its impact on organisational culture, theories supporting it and its applicability in non profit organisation: Within the organisational culture, one of the most significant elements and determinates are employees. They serve as the base of the organisational production. Lamine, Navarrete Cardona (2014) has stated that through the application of the skills and efforts of the employees, the quality of the products and services is increased. This is directly attached to the organisational benefit regarding the enhancement of the customer loyalty. In the financial development and entire improvement, the impact of this is quite significant as through this the market share of the organisation is noticeably increased (Kramar et al. 2014). Therefore, it is also the sincere responsibility of the organisational management to focus on the expectations and needs of the employees in order to satisfy them. It is the fact that one of the most necessary expectations and demands of the employees is to avail the recognition scheme maintained by the organisational management. Kusluvan et al. (2010) has observ ed in this regard that behind the wide-range success of each of the global organisations is the sincere application of the recognition scheme by the managements for their internal leaders. This has the potency to empower the leader and staffs. This is also helpful in attracting the attention and interest of the future leaders to the organisational functions, too. McDonalds is not any exception regarding this. There are several recognition schemes that are applied by the management of McDonalds for their leaders such as employee remuneration long with the opportunities to gain a reward. In the concept of the recognition scheme, the management of McDonalds has focused on the remuneration and reward and has been implementing changes in their employee pay scale, pay structure along with the job structure. According to Bradler et al. (2016), remuneration is a business term that signifies the process of returning the employee's something back against their contribution for the benefit of the organisation. This remuneration, within McDonalds, is given through the form of special incentives, increments along with rewards. McDonalds is a fast food company that has more than 900 stores with around 91000 people (, 2017). In fact, this company has to face a tough competition in the global market regarding the gaining of an effective market share. There are the fast food companies like KFC, Mr. Burger, Subway, Burger King and others in the Australian as well as global market. Due to this, there is a monopolistic scenario in the fast food industry in this country. However, with the improved quality food with reasonable price, the management of McDonalds has enabled to occupy 25% of the entire market share (, 2017). On the other hand, the companies like KFC, Mr. Burger, Subway, Burger King and others have their market share of 30%, 10%, and 15%, 5%, and 15% respectively. Therefore, it is quite clear a fact that the rank of McDonalds is just after the KFC that is satisfactory. The fundamental strength of this success is the service of the best effort by the leaders and employees of McDonalds. However, in a similar way, the leaders and the staffs are also encouraged by the remuneration and special offers, rewards along with increment opportunities provided by the management. Within McDonalds, it can be noticed that the internal culture is quite healthy and positive with the recognition schemes and the employees are greatly influenced and motivated by this. The management uses to offer rewards through two specific ways, such as financial and non-financial processes. Sometimes they involve themselves in offering direct increment to the employees or even the cash payment or commissions, too. However, (Benmokhtar, 2014) remarked that indirect payment refers to the providence of medical insurance, increase of the holidays along with the reduction of the duty hours for some extraordinary contribution by the employees. Even, there are also the non-financial reward systems operated by the management of McDonalds through the application of job improvement and betterment of the working environment. Manzoor (2012) argued that job-related rewards satisfy the newly employed staffs as through this they can get an interesting, responsible, dutiful and challenging work that may help them to prove their personal skills and efficiencies more prominently. This is most effective for the leaders and employees associated with the customer service department of McDonalds as this increases their interest and enthusiasm to deal and communicate with the customers more passionately. On the other side, achieving a good working environment also encourage them to improve the quality of their services. The management of McDonalds also uses to provide the good and efficient employees with the most supportive and congenial colleagues. Even, Robst VanGilder (2016) pointed out that some additional facilities such as career security, a better attachment to the management as well as direct communication facilities with the customers in order to improve their skills and experiences regarding the current market scenario and customer preferences are also provided to them. It can be observed that the management of McDonalds uses to provide the bonus to those employees and leaders who ranks within the top 10% of the entire workforce (, 2017). This bonus scheme supports the staffs and leaders regarding their hope for the future benefits. A special recognition scheme is also organised in every five years lapse. Even, they also feel interested in working collaboratively and the best performer is rewarded as per the restaurant performance. Due to this, other employees are encouraged to improve their own skill in order to get the highest rank. Even, the future leaders are also attracted to serve their best for this company for achieving the expected facilities and special recognitions. The next section focuses on the theories supporting the recognition scheme. It is necessary for all the global business organisations to motivate and inspire their employees to serve their best effort for the betterment of that organisation. Through the systematic and active involvement of the employees in the functional activities, the managements of the business organisations can able to increase their profit with the help of the increase in market share. However, Wu et al. (2015) have argued that it is not only the ethical responsibility of the employees to participate actively in the organisational well-being, but also the management is also responsible for providing the leaders and staffs the facilities and recognition that they deserve. In the case of McDonalds, it can clearly be observed that the employees get the opportunity to enjoy special treatment and schemes based on their service quality and some additional efforts that are beneficial for this company. This support of the management can be related to the concept and idea of some theories. The equal treatment is majorly related to the fair treatment of the organisational management towards the employees regarding the fact to provide them additional opportunities under the same scenario. De Roeck Delobbe (2012) stated that the staffs of McDonalds associated with different sectors of the organisation such as production, marketing, customer dealing, the order receiving are always treated equally and also give the similar kind of opportunities to perform their skills abilities through applying self-experiences. On the other side, the management of this organisation is also fair in paying the deserving benefits for them, whether it is in cash or some other facilities. Anitha (2014) remarked that if there was some employee dissatisfaction regarding the unfair treatment of McDonalds towards their internal staffs based on the recognition scheme, the management could not have been able to run their worldwide business through both online and offline services with nearly 91000 p eople. The management of McDonalds has successfully been motivating their employees through the maintenance of the equal and fair opportunities as they perceive irrespective of their personal backgrounds (Li Li, 2016). For example, if some employees attached with customer dealing section are selected as contributing some extraordinary effort to convince the customers regarding the genuine quality and price of their foods, they are generally promoted with increments as per their service standards. Even sometimes they are also rewarded with cash money or bonus schemes. This equal environment helps this company to avoid the occurrence of employee issues. The second theory that can be linked is expectancy theory. People within the business organisations have some basic expectations from the management during their services for the organisation. Expectations of the organisational employees are one of the most significant behavioural aspects that are hugely moved by the organisational treatment towards them (Purvis et al. 2015). Not only the employees but also the management has also its own expectation that is entirely profit-related. Although the concern of the staffs centres round the gaining of special advantages from the management, the satisfaction of both of their expectations is effective in creating an improved business scenario. The expectations occur among the employees within McDonalds due to their system to provide the bonus and another promotional strategy for the staffs with an excellent restaurant performance. If the performance of the employees satisfies and make benefitted to the management of McDonalds to achieve a gr and success, they naturally develop an expectation regarding some special treatment from the management, such as getting bonus or rewards (Kramar et al. 2014). This bonus scheme, in fact, is one of the most popular and existing processes of reward among the employees (HemaMalini Washington, 2014). However, it is also another fact that the dissatisfaction generated due to the unfulfilled expectation of the employees may result into a declination in organisational profit. Agency relationship within the business organisations refers to the interaction between the principals along with the mediums. Within the organisational context, there are different stakeholders such as the suppliers, employees, customers along with the management and their focus and concentration differs from one another. The principles and concepts of this theory make an integral association among these different interests through focusing on the staff recognition scheme in order to apply those (Pepper Gore, 2015). The different demands and preferences of McDonalds serve as the agencies of McDonalds and the management use to keep the focus on those equally. However in some extents, the marketing managers of McDonalds act as the significant agents for having the similar interest, that is to gain more profit through increasing their market share. However, the interest of the higher management differs from that of the employees of McDonalds in maximum cases (Shi et al. 2016). This scenario takes place due to the lacking in the management of McDonalds regarding the application of the most suitable recognition process for the employees based on the quality of their services. However, in the modern scenario, the division in the investment of the capital among the stakeholders regarding the business has generated a less risky organisational risk for McDonalds. It means that the recognition scheme is quite effective in profit organisations. However, the applicability of it in non profit organisations is not established. The next section of this essay focuses on understanding the application of McDonalds recognition scheme on Spastic Centre, a n on profit organisation. Managing human resource effectively is significant in achieving the aim and objectives of the business organisations. For a global profit organisation, it is necessary to maintain the functional activities of that organisation in order to occupy the expected position in the global market (Manzoor, 2012). McDonalds is one of the greatest and leading fast food companies that operate its business at the global context quite successfully. Therefore it is quite prominent that the members of the human resource department of this company are quite efficient in handling the entire workforce through some strategies. The management of McDonalds has imposed several roles and responsibilities to the human resource department majority of that are employee-centric. Through the operational activities of the HRM of McDonalds, the knowledge of the internal staffs regarding the global market along with the competitors is increased. On the other hand, through the arrangement of training, the unity and supportive attitudes among the employees also enhance (Bal Dorenbosch, 2015). Even, to ensure a healthy and secure working environment for the employees, the role of the HRM is also quite significant. As the commercial success of McDonalds is also depended on the effective customer relationship through improved communication, the HRM is also focused on this. In fact, the recruitment and selection of the efficient employees through whom the marketing target can better be fulfilled are also performed by the HRM of McDonalds. The sales rate through the same outlet of McDonalds has noticeably been increasing day by day. However, the sales rate of this company is quite greater as per the US perspective rather than that of the global platform. It is quite significant here to state that the contribution of the HRM of McDonalds cannot be avoidable for this gradual development. As observed from the above discussion regarding the management approach towards the HRM for a leading profit organisation like McDonalds, it can be stated that the similar approach cannot be thoroughly applicable for a not-for profit organisation like Spastic Centre. Situated in New South Wales, this organisation has been serving for the children as well as adults suffering from cerebral palsy (, 2017). The HRM of this organisation is majorly focused on providing a good support and treatment to the affected children by the specialists in order to bring them to the mainstream of life. Therefore, while the HRM of McDonalds is concerned about the improvement in their market share, Spastic Centre is more focused on taking care of their service users. Even, the training of the employees of McDonalds is completely organised based on market demand whereas the training of the care workers of Spastic Centre is all about people-centric for their betterment. The management a nd HRM of Spastic Centre need not give enough focus on the recognition scheme for the employees as per the target of their duties that completely differs from that of the McDonald's. Therefore, although both McDonald's and Spastic Centre have their specific target audiences with organisational purposes, the application of management approach of the human resource of McDonalds cannot be categorised in a similar way like Spastic Centre. Conclusion: Thus, from the above analysis, it becomes clear that McDonalds recognition scheme is helpful in creating a good organisational culture where employees are satisfied and a good relation between the employees and employers are created. The analysis of agency theory, expectancy theory and equity theory has well supported the recognition scheme in McDonalds. However, it has found out that recognition scheme of a global profit organisation cannot be directly applied within a non profit organisation due to the differences in their purpose and business activities. References: Bal, P. M., Dorenbosch, L. (2015). 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